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Music Monday: Nostalgia

I had a lot of fun doing the last Music Monday (hosted by Stay and Watch the Stars) so here I am with another one! This round’s theme is nostalgia. I didn’t want to injure your eardrums with the music I used to listen to so instead I’m doing a more mood-based playlist. I hope you enjoy!

nostalgia cover

time machine

for when you no longer want to forget your ghosts.
listen on soundcloud

bridges – meg mac
is there somewhere (stripped) – halsey
small blue thing – suzanne vega
smother – daughter
broke – lauren aquilina
1901 – birdy

running with the boys (acoustic) – mintttyyy
day of the river (from spirited away) – joe hisaishi

8tracks seems to be going a bit bonkers right now and I can’t find the correct songs, so I’m afraid there will be a delay on that! You can still listen on Soundcloud, but I’d be eternally grateful if any of you can make sense of the CRAZY THINGS HAPPENING. :P

An important notice: I’m going away on Saturday and will be without internet for those two weeks. I’m getting some posts scheduled, but I won’t be replying to anything or using social media. I’ll miss you guys, but I’ll catch up when I get back! I would be even more grateful if you filled out my blog survey. (Hehe, shameless promotion, but I REGRET NOTHING!)

It’s (Origa)me

‘TIS MEEE. Yes! I bring you proof of my existence! In my quest to learn origami – as seen on my bucket list – I have filmed for you an excellent video of me to go with my reasons origami is cool. Admittedly, it’s of me folding origami, but what did you expect? I mean, this is a post with a terrible origami pun in the title. ;)

The first part of the video is me making simple paper cranes in varying sizes, and the rest is me learning how to make a shuriken – a throwing star with two arms. (That bit’s only about 40 seconds but it was far more painful for me, sadly!) If you understand my terrible attempt at a reference with the music then SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS! *thrusts confetti in your face* I also apologise deeply for the low quality; it’s been shunted around over many devices and, to be honest, my camera is pretty terrible!

(If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.)

Why origami is really cool

  • Daydreaming in lessons gets way more entertaining. Instead of just…well, daydreaming, you can rip out pieces of your homework diary and make things out of paper to promptly be put in the recycling. Huzzah!
  • It looks way more impressive than daydreaming. Seriously. Cranes look quite fancy so people tend to get a bit excited.
  • RECYCLING. Origami paper is nicer, but it’s also perfectly satisfying to make cranes out of newspapers on the tube. Give the Metro a new, far more aesthetically pleasing life.
  • You can make your own decorations. I made a few strings of cranes for our class stall at Christmas.
  • THEY’RE GREAT WEAPONS. *evil laugh* The ones I made at the end of the video, shuriken, are paper versions of throwing stars. If you can throw them right they’re pretty damn painful.
  • It’s so satisfying to see how all your folds work together!
  • It’s also pretty therapeutic (at least for me). So, people were being idiots at school? MAKE ANGRY PAPER CRANES.
  • Origami has some pretty interesting maths.
  • Yeah, I’ve run out of reasons. But share yours with me! :)

I hope you enjoyed my origami fangirling – have you ever made origami? Feeling inspired to? Got any cool shapes to make? I’d also be really grateful if you could fill out my blog survey (if you haven’t already).

Top Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity

It’s that time again! I’ve noticed that I seem to be participating in TTT (hosted by The Broke and Bookish) round every month, so from now on I shall try very hard to do this meme monthly. (Permission is granted to bug me about if it I forget.) This week’s topic is my top ten books that celebrate diversity of all kinds. I’d like to read more diverse books, but these are the favourites from the ones I’ve read.

1. Adaptation by Malinda Lo What I love about this book is that it has exciting extraterrestrial-goings-on without erasing the diversity of the characters. I mean, all of Malinda Lo’s books that I’ve read so far are great, but this one is my most recent!

i'll give you the sun
2. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson I flail over this book a lot. There’s a lot of purple prose, but it’s an amazing book about family, love and not fitting in. It also has the most beautiful design ever so NO EXCUSES! (Just kidding, of course it’s totally your choice. But I did enjoy it a lot.)

love hurts
3. Tumbling by Susie Day Tumbling isn’t even a book. It’s an original short story published in the Love Hurts anthology – which in itself includes some great diversity such as in Humming Through My Fingers and Gentlewoman – but this one is my absolute favourite. It’s about two girls who meet through Tumblr (through Sherlock, at Speedy’s Café). There’s musings on popular culture and worrying about internet relationships and what happens when the freedom the internet allows is taken away. (“Tumblr is where I am the best me, ordinary, pain-free.”) I AM THE ONE-MAN FANDOM FOR THIS ALJIDFNA;DIkihfaedoi. It is SO BLOODY CUTE BUT ALSO SERIOUS AND if you don’t want to spend 8 quid on it then I wouldn’t blame you, but for sure flick to this story in the bookshop and give it a try.

merida gif

miseducation of cameron post
4. The Miseducation of Cameron Post by emily m. danforth I’ve just read this one after hearing a lot of good things, and it was awesome. It’s about queer teenagers growing up in rural America (? I AM SORRY MY GEOGRAPHY) in the 90s and it was so great. I also wasn’t very educated about the issues it covers so it was really good to read about those whilst it still being a good book, you know?

shadows on the moon
5. Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott Another Cinderella retelling, yes. But this one is a Japanese-fantasy-fusion with a kind of fierce and not-so-nice Cinderella. Who is bitter and wants revenge. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a fun read and it does include diversity in many different respects.

every day
6. Every Day by David Levithan (Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve read this so I’m not 100% sure how much I’d enjoy it now.) Every Day is narrated by a character who changed bodies every day. There are so many different stories from the bodies A inhabits, and it’s a really interesting dynamic to explore – the person inside doesn’t change, per se, but everyone else has to see a different body.

eleanor and park us
7. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell God, you guys are probably sick and tired of me banging on and on about this book! I’m not entirely sure if it belongs on this list, since a lot of the issues like the racism Park experiences aren’t resolved (and also there’s to be a whole debate about Park’s eyeliner and is he gay?) but, yes. I feel like I haven’t included much on here in terms of social diversity, and Eleanor & Park addresses issues like poverty, abuse and body image alongside racism.

aristotle and dante
8. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz This one’s another recent read; I actually, um, read it all in one go, so I’m still slightly gathering my thought. I did enjoy it, though – it was cute and it includes some great diversity.

9. Wonder by RJ Palacio Wonder’s been thrown around a lot in bookish circles so, yes, it’s probably nothing new. I don’t know if it’s an accurate representation but it’s message is so uplifting, and all the viewpoints make it feel so honest.

the rest of us just live here
10. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness Yep. Here it is again. SORRYYY. I just seem to have a serious soft spot for this. Again, it isn’t perfect, but it covers a lot of different issues without it taking over the whole thing.

What do you think of participating monthly? What would you put on your list? Got any good book recs? :)

A Long-Overdue Blog Survey



Sorryyy if the photos mess up! Phew. The new WordPress reader is seriously stressing me out. It’s like a new computer but way too irreversible for comfort.

Today’s post is rather boring, I’m afraid, but MAKING MY BLOG MORE AWESOME can’t be that bad, right? Anyway, if you lovely people could fill out this blog survey then I will be eternally grateful and send you boxes of chocolates over the internet. I don’t think I’ve done an actual blog survey…ever? Congratulations! You’ll be making history! *shoos in the direction of the form*

I also wanted to let you guys know that I’m off to YALC at the weekend – are any of you going? I’m afraid that my excitement has rather wreaked havoc on my blogging schedule, but hopefully it’ll be good fun, haha. I’m not cosplaying this time round, but I am wearing my Carry On Simon shirt. Ahem. I live in the hope that this will initiate my bookish conversations for me. ;)

In a Land of Myth and a Time of Magic

land of myth

(Don’t tell me that you don’t sing along to the opening sequence of your favourite TV shows. THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE OPENING SEQUENCE, DUH.)

I’m not a big TV watcher. I know pretty much nothing about TV shows that haven’t either a) been shown on TV at a reasonable hour within the last 3 years or b) are on Netflix. Or in the library. It’s not good at all. HOWEVER! I like a good bit of Saturday night TV, and the Great British Bake-off is usually the highlight of my week. Oh goodness I can’t wait for August to arrive.


Yes. I watched Merlin. I mean, looking back on it now, maybe a lot of it was badly written and the jokes were repetitive and awful but ALSO it had magic and dragons and a lot of things that I like. Merlin was probably the first fandom of younger me. You can probably imagine my sadness/extreme anger at it ending and being replaced by Atlantis.

Atlantis was not a good show, in my opinion. I watched a couple of episodes, ’cause, hey, the first two series of Merlin were also pretty bad, but: nope. Mainly, I disliked the characters, whose main problems were that they had no character. I apologise deeply to fans who were upset at its cancellation (I really do feel you) but personally I’m kinda…glad for the opening?

The BBC sucks at representation. Sherlock is an awful example of queerbaiting. All the ‘bigger’ shows – hmm, Robin Hood, Merlin, Atlantis, Sherlock, Doctor Who – are led by (canonically) straight white men.

*smashes keyboard* It’s not that I inherently dislike the plot of these shows. (Except maybe in the case of Atlantis. And slightly Robin Hood, because that also wasn’t very good.) It just pisses me off that there are a ton of great female-led shows in America like Once Upon a Time and Agent Carter but the BBC still can’t bring itself to have any female leads in action/sci-fi/fantasy. Atlantis didn’t at all have to be male-led. I love Peter Capaldi, I do, but the role of the Doctor is such a good opportunity for diversity of any kind yet still nothing. A lot of the female characters are also kind of…the same? Badass girls are awesome, but, like, sometimes they also need to have different characters.

There hasn’t been a sign yet of Atlantis’ replacement. There was a run of Jonathan Strange & Mister Norrell, a novel adaptation, but that was brief and from what I can see I don’t think anything has changed.

Well. I’m interested to see the new show, if there is one.


Do you have any TV shows to recommend that aren’t stuck in the land of myth? Been to the cinema lately? A fellow Merlin fan? LET ME KNOW. :)

Music Monday: Girl Power

GREETINGS, EARTHLINGS. No, don’t worry, I’m not actually so far away so as to be that far behind in time zones. (Though interplanetary travel is excellent.) Today isn’t actually Monday in disguise. In fact, I’m linking up with a new music feature by Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars – Music Monday! I don’t write much about music on here, so I thought this would be fun to try. This fortnight’s theme is girl power!



for the girls who felt invisible so taught each other how to be invincible.
listen on soundcloud / 8tracks

ghost – halsey
sweet ophelia – zella day
the outsider (alternate version) – marina and the diamonds
heavy metal heart – sky ferreira
octahate – ryn weaver
send me down – haim
anklebiters – paramore
lonely people – orla gartland

(Heads-up, The Outsider contains explicit language.) Shh, THERE IS STILL TIME TO MAKE YOUR PLAYLIST! Run, mortals friends, run. ;) I hope that if you listen you enjoy the summer vibes!

Where Are These Perks of Being a Wallflower?

Too much crying, she thought. Too many kinds.

Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

 Blogging hasn’t been feeling wonderful for me lately. You could probably sense the emptiness. It’s difficult to write when you’re still trying to figure out your own story.

Okay, so here’s me: I’m an observer. I like to watch people. 9 times out of 10 I won’t say anything to or about them at all, but I notice things.

I’m also an introvert, I think. When I notice, I notice how much more everyone is and wish to be like them. For me, it isn’t the falling that hurts the most (because there are plenty of hands to help you back up) but instead the feeling of not quite making the mark. The feeling of not being confident enough, smart enough, pretty enough: just the feeling of not being enough. I’ve got an entire draft listing the reasons I feel inadequate somewhere.

I suppose I’m always going to feel a bit jealous of those effortlessly charming people. I enjoy being around people but it takes a lot for me to be comfortable and to stop worrying about the things that come out of my mouth. It extends to the keyboard, as well; though I’m far more comfortable in writing, I can still agonise over sending emails and comments sometimes. That’s why it can sometimes be such a relief to be anonymous, to become someone new. I know that it can be problematic but  sometimes it’s a relief to be able to compliment someone without it feeling like an open wound.

I guess I’ve just got to learn that being quiet isn’t a crime. In books the characters usually have their soulmate or their best buddy who will totally get them, and…to be honest, I’ve found that doesn’t really happen. I don’t see anyone thinking I’m, like, a leader. Cool. Look at me – I can make small talk, maybe, but people start asking what do I want to do when I’m older and what music do I like and am I dating anyone and I’ll clam up. I love my friends to pieces and I’d do anything for them, but there are always going to be moments when we’re not quite aligned.

Yeah. I’ve got other things bothering me, but I think that this is the most important. This is the reason that I’m not spilling out my entire heart to you and sobbing on your shoulder. I love you all to pieces as well, but I think there are some problems that aren’t solved by talking about it.

(Maybe it would. I don’t know. But I don’t think that I’m brave enough to.)


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