Frank(er) thoughts.

Peach Sky

the sky is orange;
wait, no, peach,
ripe and soft and blushing red peach,
swirls of yoghurt clouds across its skin.
an invisible mouth (god?) bites into it
and the
starts to
at first, then
quicker and quicker and quicker until it’s slicing down like dazzling diamond earrings.
the juice collects on the
the road
sluggishly makes
its way
into the drain.

My Hands


I quite like my hands.

They’re small, and my friends always say they’re cute when we compare hand sizes. I like that.

My fingernails grow long and fast and straight, unlike my toenails, which grow inwards for some reason. I especially like it when I paint them.

The backs of my hands are covered in criss-crossing lines. If you leave an inkpen resting on them for long enough, the ink seeps out through the lines and creates a web of blue.

You can see those lines of my knuckles too, when I make a fist and they go white.

There are lines on the bends in my fingers and on the inside of my hand. If I cup my hand slightly then the skin on the inside just below my fingers bunches up and feels like the pads on a cat’s paw.

I have little freckle-like dots on the first section of my fingers.

All in all, I quite like my hands.

A Song to Drown Out Life

Imagine this scene in a movie: the main character has just experienced a terrible loss or event. They feel like they have nothing left to live for; they feel numb. As they are sitting on the train to get back home, they’re listening to music and leaning against something beside them, maybe a window or a sheet of glass. You can still hear the noises in the background, but they’re fuzzy. The camera focuses on the main character. The music that has previously only been in the background grows drowns out everything else as a tear slips down their face.

This is the song that is playing.

Or maybe this one.

Dear Rainbow Rowell

Dear Rainbow Rowell,

You are a great writer. I love all your characters. They are real and alive and if I could disappear into a book I am fairly certain I would disappear into one of yours.

I love your book covers. I love your plots. I love your writing. I love…everything, I am very much looking forward to reading your new book, Landline.

Thank you. You have made my life a little bit better.

Bittersweet Anticipation


That word was literally created for what I feel about Nimona (it’s a webcomic, and I recommend it wholeheartedly). I love the story and I love Nimona and Ballister and Goldenloin and everyone and, yeah, you get the idea. Nimona is frankly awesome.

To cut a long story short, Nimona is coming to and end. It’s updated twice a week, and sometimes I live for those days. I desperately want to finish the story, but each panel has me sniffing and going¬†awww.

It’s like any other great book; you want to find out what happens, but you don’t want it to end. I hate endings.

Update: Going on Holiday

Hey. It’s me again. I’m going to be going on holiday from Thursday (that’s the 10th July) for two weeks or so. I hope to be able to blog while there, and I’ll have some stuff scheduled, but I don’t know about the connection so sorry if I don’t reply to your comments! :-) Are you doing anything for the holidays? Let me know. I like to chat. xx

(also, yay, this is my 100th post! Exciting!)

Another day…

…another episode of Sherlock. I started watching it at my friend’s house, and I’m now hooked.

In all honesty, I don’t generally watch that much TV. I watch recorded movies. I watch Pointless. I watched The Voice when it was on, Merlin when it was on (oh, Merlin) and I watched a kid’s programme called The Sparticle Mystery when it was on about four years ago. So, yeah. How about you? Do you watch much TV? I don’t think any of the programmes I mentioned other than The Voice are available out of the UK, but if you’ve seen them then did you like them?

Also, I need to buy about 14 books on Kindle for when I go on holiday so if you have any recommendations then go ahead and let me know!

I hope you guys are well,

(Image taken from the BBC Website)


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