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Reblog | Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Something to think about. Do you ever feel like this?

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
I may wear glasses, but it doesn’t mean I’m smart
I may be smiling, but it doesn’t mean I’m happy
I may like to speak out but it doesn’t mean I’m showing off
I may be aloof but it doesn’t mean I don’t care
I may be skinny, but it doesn’t mean I don’t eat
I may be quiet, but it doesn’t mean I’m shy
I may have shouted, but it doesn’t mean I don’t regret it
You may know one side of the story, but do you know mine?
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(You may have noticed my recent trend in using brackets and italicised font at the end of my post to give you updates and snippets of information. I’m kinda enjoying it.)

(In other news, it’s the vote over Scotland’s independence today. For those of you who don’t know and haven’t guessed from that summary, Scotland is voting on whether it should become independent from England.
I’m glad that I don’t have to vote.)

(You know, if you’re in a baking mood, I’m pretty sure that chocolate fridge cake is the easiest cake it’s possible to make. I made it with my friend to celebrate International Chocolate Day and it has literally four steps: crush biscuits, melt chocolate, mix, chill. It tastes great, too.)

(I’m really liking this brackets-italics thing. Trust me, it’s different from writing in non-italics-without-brackets. It has a different tone, I’m telling you. Well, ish.)

(And, as always, I shall finish by letting you know that my computer is still out of action. And it will be until further notice, so I might have to stop leaving you these notes.)

(That makes me sad.)

Four Minutes of Silence

During music lesson yesterday, our teacher told us about a piece of music in which not a single note is played. The orchestra just sit there for four minutes in silence, and then take a bow at the end.

I don’t think it’s really the same in video, but you can still grasp the concept. But is it a piece of music or not? Is it art? Is it just…silence?

(I’m sorry about the lack of actual posts recently. I just haven’t had that much to write about. Also, apologies for not keeping up with the tags and awards. The computer is still missing in action, but I AM GETTING DOWN TO THE WRITING! Whoop!  :-D)

What Do People Think of my Name?

Names; Blank Pages
I’m in the process of choosing a character name – I guess I’ve sort of got out of my writer’s block now – but I keep getting backtracked and musing about names instead. Names are fascinating. Certain names don’t seem to go with certain personalities, but then you think ‘What they were called that?’ because names seem to have a mind of their own. They fit to their owner.

Whilst I was sitting in an empty carriage on this little train of thought, I started to wonder what people think of me and my name.

I don’t think my name describes me very well. When it is used on book characters on other people, it sounds different. On me, it sounds sort of…stodgy. Like plain mashed potato. Or plain pasta. Or basically anything plain.

My name feels like mine, but it doesn’t feel like me. As I said before, names change for their owner. The aura I get from one name in a book is not the aura I get from that girl in my class under the same name. I could be making this whole thing up, considering I’m looking at myself from I inside and not out. I’m not sure.

But I wonder what people think of my name. I wonder what people think of me, as person. I wonder…

Goodness me, this train of thought really has taken a detour. (And my computer is STILL out of action. Gah.)

A Lesson Regarding the Dangers of Mirrors

Once, there was a girl who found a mirror. She stood
in front of it, and then she
stared at the face for so long that when she reached out
to touch the glass she was


A Miracle Occurs; I Fangirl; I am Tortured

Heir of Fire

I know I don’t usually post twice in one day, but today is an exception.

Last night, I plugged in my phone to charge, and then when the screen flashed on I saw that I had a voicemail from a normally uncommunicative *cough cough* friend. I listened to this voicemail, a little puzzled, and then I found out that she had got Heir of Fire, Throne of Glass #3, from our local bookshop. On Saturday. Five days before it was due to come out in the UK. (By the way, I adore Throne of Glass. If you didn’t catch on.)

As you might imagine, I promptly went and ran around the house squealing at my parents. I then checked Amazon and Bloomsbury for the release date, which was still Thursday. I had a hard time getting to sleep.

When I got to school, I fangirled some more, then realised that a) I would have to wait a whole school day to get Heir of Fire, since the bookshop didn’t open until 9 and b) I’d then have to go home to get money.

So, school was torture. I didn’t realise concentrate at all, to be honest. How could. I concentrate when I could be WITH CELAENA AND CHAOL AND DORIAN?!?!

Now, I’m sitting at the table with Heir of Fire in front of me. I’m kind of scared to look inside, but as soon as this post is done I’ll do it anyway.

(I stole the title format from Gabrielle Zevin’s Birthright Trilogy. Sorry. Do you like it?)

Tell Me What to Read

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I need to branch out my reading. Mostly, I just read YA fantasy, or YA contemporary, or YA anything. I think it’s time I read something that’s not YA! *gasps*

So, I decided to ask you guys what I should read. I’ll read whatever you tell me to, be it YA or non-YA, as long as it’s readily available on Amazon UK. Although not anything like Fifty Shades of Grey or something, and preferably not Les Miserables, though if you tell me to then I’ll do my best.

Sooo…go ahead! Let the the first weekly/monthly/never-again Blind Reading Thing begin!

(God. I just told you that I was trying to branch out from YA, and here I am making terrible Hunger Games references.)


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