February Favourites!

Some lovely alliteration in the title there. Maybe to make up for the short month.

february favourites

1. Fanfiction (And yes, in case you’re wondering: that is the AO3 symbol.) It’s ridiculous how much fanfiction I’ve read this month: counting only the longer fics, I’ve read around 650k of words. Hell, I could have read the entire LOTR trilogy in that time. I liked seeing how basically people changed the entire world and kept only certain personality traits, relationships and names (they were basically how books but with those recurring themes?) but I’m trying to cut down a little this month.

2. Big Hero Six I went to see this in the cinema with my friend (I know, I know, it only just came out in the UK) and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I thought it got a bit superheroes v villains like an action movie at the end, but Baymax was the best and I’m glad Disney have finally got some more diversity into their films. It was based off a superhero comic, though, so I guess I can’t be too picky. (That end though!)

3. Book events The Love Hurts book launch was amazing (read more about my adventures here) and I’ve already bought tickets for another two events. (Including Sarah J Maas! *screams*)

4. Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor It had been a pretty long time since I’d read the first book, but I started to get into it around half way through. The writing was beautiful, as ever, though the pacing was maybe a little slow. I’m going to be looking out for more stuff from Laini Taylor.

5. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black I adore her Curse Workers, but couldn’t really get into the Modern Faerie Tales. This was awesome, though! The love triangle was just superb ❤ ❤ SEVERIN THOUGH ❤

mine gif

6. Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini I’m not going to lie, I saw Rowan Whitehorn in my head the entire time I was reading this. But it was still GREAT. Parallel worlds are one of the favourite things. The writing style reminded me a little of Throne of Glass? (Or maybe it was just the font and the Rowan-ness. I’m not too sure.)

Stuff from around the internet:

Bookish things that have happened:

  • You’ve probably all heard it by now, but the publication of Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee was announced. There’s some controversy about it, though – Topaz Winters @ Six Impossible things wrote a post about it if you’re interested.
  • Patrick Ness revealed the cover of his new book, The Rest of Us Live Here
  • Veronica Roth announced her new duology, untitled as of yet. The first book is due out 2017.
  • Sarah J Maas announced her UK ACOTAR tour dates and I BOUGHT TICKETS *screams* *flails* My friends and I will just be the ones quietly fangirling in the back, okay?
  • Rainbow Rowell talked about writing, fanfiction and Carry On in an interview. She also speculated a prom scene. (Do we even have prom in the UK? I actually don’t know, but I want a scene regardless.)

That’s it for this monthly favourites! I’m very excited for March – not only am I attending another book event, but Studio Ghibli’s new film The Tale of Princess Kaguya is released and today it’s World Book Day! (I do have some sad news re Nimona, though, if you read my My Hero Monday Post. Part of the webcomic has now been taken down in preparation for the book release, so you can’t actually read it from start to finish anymore :-(.)

8 thoughts on “February Favourites!

  1. Big Hero Six was awesome! The plot was a little rough at some points, but it’s still probably my favorite Disney movie so far. And I agree, it’s awesome that they’re going for a bit more diversity. I really hope that they keep going with their future movies.

    And that really stinks about Nimona, but I definitely get why they’d do it 😦 I’ve been intending to read it for a while now… Do you know how long it is before the book comes out?

    1. Yeah, hopefully that’ll keep getting better. 🙂
      It is a little sad about Nimona, but I guess they want the book to sell so I do get why they did it. Thankfully, it’s not too long to wait – I think it comes out in May? 🙂

  2. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT FANFICTION. I could be reading or writing or anything, but no, let’s spend three hours browsing a tag on AO3. *headdesk* I just ordered Daughter of Smoke and Bone of TBD — we’ll see how that one goes, and decide on the sequels.

    1. YES. I have worked out that it can be quite a good motive, though – *if* I have enough self restraint, them I can basically go ‘Finish this homework, read a chapter of fic.’ 🙂
      The writing’s really poetic on Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but I seem to remember that it gets off to a bit of a slow start. Let me know what you think of it!

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