The Pleasures of a Good Library


If you go into Waterstones and buy a book, you will probably come out with a plastic bag that reads ‘Words cannot do justice to the pleasures of a good bookshop. Ironically.’  Now, I really do like bookshops, but I think I need to put a word in for the libraries of this world as well.

In a library, there is far less pressure than a bookshop. You can get out any book that you want, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t read it or like it. You can sit on the floor or a bench and read through the entire book if you want, which is something that you certainly can’t do in a bookshop.

Our library has just installed some self-checkout machines like the ones in supermarkets but with books instead, and no bagging area. They are very useful, because it means I can get out whatever I want i.e. the next four books in that paranormal romance series, and no one need know.

And there is something that I don’t like about the newness of bookshops. I like new books, but sometimes I prefer for my book to have a story, to have travelled somewhere before it reached my eyes. I’ve always wanted to sneak a note into a book and write something to the person who reads it next but I’ve never had the courage.

How about you? Do you prefer bookshops, or libraries?



8 thoughts on “The Pleasures of a Good Library

  1. Bookshops are so beautifully glossy…but then in libraries, the knowledge that someone else before you has probably enjoyed this book (think of all the places it could have gone! Meadows…fields…even kitchens!) is sweet. 🙂

  2. I’ve actually never spent time in a library other than the one at my uni, and there are only business books there (I could never read those for leisure haha). But I love bookstores (especially Waterstones! 😀 ), I spend hours in them and just sit around and read books from every different section… With snacks in my bag incase I get hungry hehe. I mostly prefer reading at home though, it’s just easier 🙂

    1. Yes, business books are not exactly thrilling reads!
      I have a special reading spot on the sofa at home – I like to sit in the corner and lean my knees up against the side. 😀 So many emotions on that sofa…

      1. Ooohh I do that too!!! Haha, my sofa and my bed, favourite places to read! Sofa is closer to the kitchen though, so I tend to sit there in the day (I like to be near the fridge lol) XD

  3. I personally love a library far more than a bookshop. Why? Because I had never known that I would have to survive *without* one. I lived in London for almost three years, having the pleasure of borrowing twenty books anytime I wanted. And then there was my mom’s library account too for backup 😀
    But we’ve shifted to a place now which has been deprived of libraries. There is ONE teeny weeny tiny one though way out of the city (it’s a 45 minute drive), where you can get extremely hyped and popular YA books like tFios and Divergent. I’m grateful.
    BUT, there is a problem. With no (almost) libaries, buying books is quite heavy on my pocketmoney. 😀

    1. I have to admit that, living in the city, I do have the luxury of several big libraries so I’m just basing my opinion off that. ^^’
      If I buy books at all, then I tend to buy them as eBooks because it’s cheaper (unless I’m particularly hunting for a hard copy) 😀

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